“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory…”

PROM!  It’s the most exciting time of the year…or the most dreaded. Depending on your personality.  In my case it was a fun time for my friends and me.  My first prom was when I was a Sophomore.  The guy I was dating was a junior, so of course he asked me to go to prom. I still remember mom smothering tiny sections of hair one at a time in hair gel and rolling them up in tiny curlers.  I wanted ringlets, I got ringlets.  My grandmother showed up in time to help me get into my dress while my dad took countless pictures.  Then my date showed up in his tuxedo, and the pictures continued outside as we walked to the car just to head to his parents house for us to be “oohed and ahhhed” over again.  I remember standing under the dogwood tree in his mom’s yard as he tried desperately to put the corsage of daisies on my wrist.  Eventually his mom took over and had it fastened to my wrist in no time.

I remember as I got in that car that day my mother was crying…something I didn’t understand until this year when my own daughter got dressed for her social.  His mom was brimming with pride…it’s not everyday you see your children dressed up for a formal affair.  That boy who took me to my first prom passed away this year, and it is definitely true, “you don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Then there was my junior prom…my date was horrendous and I ended up asking him to take me home early. Not all proms turn out to be the fairy tale night that we as teenagers dream it to be…and that will be all I say about that.

But my senior prom, it was truly my favorite.  My date was the man I have now been married to for fourteen years. My dress was designed by me and made by grandmother. A medieval style dress, with sleeves that tapered down to my elbows before opening up into large flowing bells, and the skirt of my dress flowed all the way to the floor.  Made of pure velvet, it was by far my favorite dress.  We danced every dance, we socialized, and took pictures all night long.  It was truly a perfect night, that boy and I have grown up and now have two beautiful children.  And still, those moments are memories that I will cherish forever.

Of all the things that change over time, Prom remains one of the things that are the same. Still girls get excited over shoes, makeup, nails…and of course the dress.  They still fuss over making sure their date’s tuxedo goes with their dress. They still put Prom night up on a pedestal, and sometimes Prom night fails to deliver all that they had hoped.

Relationships will end, some even begin. Girls will argue, then makeup just to argue all over again. Someone will show up in the most outrageous out fit, and everyone will “ooh and ahh” or the mean ones will snicker behind backs.  It’s all a part of that crazy night. It’s Prom…a right of passage.  A moment you won’t realize is important to you until it “becomes a memory.”

This year, my baby sister and my niece went to their junior prom. My daughter also went to her eighth grade social (time doesn’t stop for anyone).  I knew that I would be taking pictures of my sister, her date and my niece…however, my sister also volunteered my services for her group of friends. Something I didn’t find out until a week before prom.  So, my sister, my niece and their group of friends (along with my daughter) all met out at the nature center in town for pictures.  Their prom theme (another thing that hasn’t changed over the years…prom always has a theme) was masquerade ball.  It was fun seeing all the different dresses and the masks they had picked out to go with their formal wear. I hope they had lots of moments that will one day be cherished memories.

Enjoy a few pictures from their night.  I have also included a few of my daughters social pictures as well for good measure.

Until next time!


First lets show off the whole group.  



Lastly, my three favorite girls…my niece, my baby sister, and my daughter. 

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