I must get better…

I have been really lazy when it comes to my blog.  It’s literally been a year since my last post! How did I even let that happen?  So much has happened! So many photos have been taken! I simply must get better, there is no way around this issue…it simply must be done.

With that being said…

I want to share some of the photos that have been taken since my last post.

First, Maverick, the baby that I have photographed since before he graced the world with his presence turned one! We had a blast with him that day.  He demolished some cake, we took some really cute pictures as he tottered around, and my little boy got to see how crazy his Mommy can get during photoshoots. I was on the ground making silly faces and noises, then all of a sudden I heard his little giggle. I looked over to where he was sitting in his stroller, and he was looking right at me laughing. Two birds with one stone I say.  I managed to get Maverick to look at the camera, and Sean (my little one) had fun laughing at his crazy Mommy.

Enjoy a few shots from that day…

Secondly, Jade and Bryan got married! How did I not write a post for this amazing couple on their wedding day?  The day was warm for October, but the sun was shining and that was the most important thing for this outdoor wedding…well that and the couple…I guess you need the couple in order to have the wedding.

I think my favorite moment of that day were the letters they wrote to one another.  They didn’t want to do a first look…so instead they stood back to back, hand in hand…unable to turn around and look at each other and read the love letters they had written. It was emotional to say the least.

My second favorite moment was when Bryan saw Jade come down the aisle…you could see the love and amazement he had for his new wife all over his face…sadly that was not a moment that I can take credit for capturing…my assistant captured that moment for me that day, and she did a wonderful job.

Enjoy a few of my favorite shots from their special day…

Let’s see what’s next?

Hmmm…Oh! Prom and social…again!  What more is there to say about this special night that I haven’t said in the past?  You either love it or hate it…and honestly at 33 years old I still love it…photographing it that is.

Enjoy some shots from this years Proms and Socials.

So until next time….

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