Senior Sessions

Do you remember the summer before your senior year? I remember, going to my high school and taking my senior pictures, and being so excited, only to be let down by a few snaps at various locations around the school.

I have always felt that a senior session should show off who that senior is…who they are on track to become.  Not simply a few snaps of the camera.

When you book a senior session with me, my first question is going to be; who is your child?  Followed by; what do they like to do?  I go on to ask quite a few questions prior to the appointment.  I want their senior portraits to showcase them as people…their coming of age portraits.  It’s an awkward point in life, not a child any longer, but not quite an adult…

So, when I was asked to do Jeremy’s portraits, and his mom said he loved dirt bikes, of course we had to do a session showcasing his talents.  I will be honest it was my first dirt bike session, and I was nervous, but only because I wanted to get it right. These pictures were not only important to him as an up-coming graduate, they were important to his mom.  Jeremy is lucky to be here…and as a fellow NICU mom I understand how precious life can be. I understand how worried you are that they may never see their high school graduation. When you have a baby, and you have to visit them in the NICU, and have to watch a small team, unhook, and then hook your baby back up to the ventilator just so you can hold your newborn, something in you changes.

The NICU traumatized me, I will be honest…for the longest time I watched the monitors instead of my baby. The beeps and hums of the machines she was hooked to told me she was okay.  When it was time to go home, I couldn’t watch the monitors. There were countless panic attacks, and tearful phone calls to my mother in the middle of the night.  Not to mention lots of late night hospital visits.  Life in the NICU goes further than your own child though…you are surrounded by all of these little lives. You hear snippets of everyone’s stories, you see emergencies as nurses and doctors rush to someone else’s child, and as you close your eyes and say a prayer for that tiny baby that is in distress…secretly you are thanking God it’s not your baby they are rushing to this time. Yes, life in the NICU changes a person.

So, yes, I wanted to make sure I got this session just right for Jeremy and his mom.  As always, here are a few of my favorites from Jeremy’s session.


Until next time…


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